Have you ever? Well, now you can!

Ever wished your business's thank you cards could get noticed?

Have you ever wished your “Thank You for Your Business” cards could really get noticed?  What about telling a customer “Congratulations” for a wedding, birth of a baby, or other event?  Have you ever wished you could follow up with a new contact and make a lasting impression?  Ever wanted to send a nice gift for someone’s birthday, but didn’t? Could you really master relationship marketing and build loyal customers who sent regular referrals?

Everyone wants an easy, effective way to stay in touch. These days, though, our time is even more limited than ever. Therefore, people need a method that is quick, easy, and personal. We at Turnaround Tour ShopPros have found a solution!  Our system easily handles all those “Have you ever…” moments. It also helps to quickly, easily, and conveniently stay in touch with contacts in a personal way.  The solution is SendOutCards.

Why SendOutCards is the best way to get noticed

Why SendOutCards? Simply put, SendOutCards is the best relationship marketing platform on the market. Send personalized greeting cards and gifts, right from your PC, tablet or smartphone, easily and conveniently.  SendOutCards will even remind you of events like your contacts’ birthdays.

This revolutionary system bridges high tech and personal touch by mailing real, physical greeting cards and gifts.  With SendOutCards, you can access our website via desktop browser or our app.  From there, choose from thousands of pre-designed cards or create a card using your own images.  Once you choose or create a card, personalize it with your message and photos.

After finishing the card, visit our online gift store and then add the perfect gift to your order.  Once you choose the contact(s), simply hit the “Send Card” button. Then you are finished!  Within 24 hours, the system then prints, stuffs, stamps, addresses, verifies and mails the card and gift. Within a few days, the card and gift arrive in the recipient’s mailbox.

Contact Turnaround Tour ShopPros today to sign up! We will answer your questions and let you take the system for a test drive.  You will be glad you took the time once you experience SendOutCards!

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