Freedom of Contentment

Contentment would be easy with this view!

Contentment would be easy with this view!

Think about some circumstances in your automotive repair shop that you would change. What would you enhance, improve, abolish, move forward, delete, paint over, dig around, do away with, stomp on, give away or modify? Are you frustrated? Worried? Angry? Reconciled? Mystified? Living with it? Submissive? Permissive?

Would you like to experience freedom of contentment in the midst of your daily drama?

Would you like to experience freedom of contentment when you are not present at the shop?

Would you like to experience freedom of contentment while at your shop?

Let’s lighten the mood!

Ranchers have a saying: “Once you’re tromping through a cow pasture, it’s a little late to worry about soiling your Sunday shoes.” Determine where the cow pastures are in your business. Decide how to avoid them when there is trouble underfoot tread carefully. Don’t step in something you shouldn’t. Perhaps you should take Plan B.

Fixable thinking is always helpful to experience the freedom of contentment in the midst of it all. Whether a hardship or unfilled desire, you must accept the situation as having been allowed, even if you didn’t cause it. WOW, now you have stepped into a real pile! You mean if I allow it, it’s my fault? Yes, that is true. The things we allow to happen fuel the freedom of contentment to not exist. It falls back to a leader’s accountability. Fix it, or live with discontent.

Looking for Contentment? Use our simple, but hard, leadership tool: the SBS (Staff Behavior Session) with the 10-1 Rule

  1. Find ten good behavior actions, before you talk to the person about the one unacceptable behavior.
  2. Pre-plan your short 1-2 minute session…Rehearse it a few times always helps
  3. Use this sample script to get started: Hey Joe, may I have a few minutes? I have noticed a behavior from you that is not acceptable; do you know what I am talking about? Yes or No may come…Then you proceed to say what it is…Get commitment from Joe it will not continue…Let them know you will be checking back in and expecting this behavior to change.
  4. Follow up is a must.

SBS could be the Freedom of Contentment tool that’s missing from your leadership toolbox.

Remember, the SBS is easy to use, but easy not to use!

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