Four P Leadership: Winning the Marathon

Marathon runnersRead, watch and listen for the Four P leadership concept to come alive.  Have you ever watched or run a marathon?  You’ll see a very interesting phenomenon, as the starter’s gun fires, a few novice runners will sprint to the front of the pack. These attention-grabbers want a few minutes of fame.  They want to boast “I led the marathon!  I was in first place!  Did you see me?”

Winning the Marathon with Four P Leadership

You most likely will not see them at the finish line unless they are walking or staggering.  That’s because they know how to get a fast start, but they can’t finish strong.  Finishing a marathon or operating an auto repair shop is a marathon and requires four p leadership: potential, preparation, perspective and perseverance.

  • Potential is sharing your story so others will want to join your mission.
  • Preparation is being aware, you must mentally and tactically always be learning.
  • Perspective is realizing balance of time and energy is required.
  • Perseverance is overcoming the obstacles and disappointments.

Let me expand on the potential just a bit here and now. We call this SPS (Staff Potential Session). It consists of sharing and selling your mission for 15 minutes per week. We do this the same time each week. We share how everyone fits by rotating the story tellers. Let them tell the compelling story. Just watch your staff and pick up a story. They can and will help set the culture! Watch your business adjust and keep moving forward. They will all feel an important part of it. What they say and do matters. Being heard is visionary but feedback is better. Your mission can be accomplished with the help from all your staff members.

I forgot to mention that I have learned that leadership can be systemic. Yes that’s correct, it can be a system! Yes that’s correct, it can be taught! Yes that’s correct, it will become a process when you learn how to un-puzzle leadership.

Click here to receive a FREE SOP written on Staff Potential Sessions! Just say “I would love a copy of this very valuable SOP.”  Read weekly to collect all four SOP Puzzle pieces:

  1. SMS – Staff Mentoring Sessions – find out more in Shop Tip for 8.28.15
  2. SPS – Staff Potential Sessions – find out more in Shop Tip for 9.4.15
  3. SBS – Staff Behavior Sessions – find out more in Shop Tip for 9.11.15
  4. STS – Staff Training Session – find out more in Shop Tip for 9.18.15

I invite you to stay tuned up with our Shop Tips next week for SBS – Staff Behavior Sessions.

Get Un-Puzzled and start Leading Systemically!

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