Turbo charge your followup with a multi-touch campaign

Followup can be rocket fuel to help you reach success!

Lets touch on the topic of followup.  Most would agree that following up with a customer – perhaps with a Thank You card – is a good idea.  When out networking, again, most agree following up with a new contact is a good idea.  Therefore, I won’t list the reasons to follow up with networking contacts.  Instead, I’m talking about how to super charge our followup and get fantastic results.

Many will follow up with a customer by sending out a Thank You card or email. Some will even follow up with contacts they meet at an event with a card or email. This practice is far better than no followup at all. A surprising number of people fail to follow up.  You can easily turbo charge your followup by reaching out multiple times over a period of time.  When you do this, it significantly increases chances of building rapport with them. It also greatly increases the likelihood of future revenue from them.

The 80-20 Followup Rule

One key concept in effective relationship marketing is the idea of the 80-20 rule.  Simply, it recommends multiple contacts with a customer or prospect. Keep the correspondences 80 percent personal and 20 percent business.  For example, a Thank You, birthday or holiday card would be considered personal.  In contrast, any contact with a customer involving service reminders, sales events or promotions would be considered business.

At Turnaround Tour ShopPros, we recommend the SendOutCards system. With SendOutCards, you can easily, conveniently send multiple touch campaigns to customers and prospects.  With our convenient campaign feature, this can be set up in advance and put on near autopilot.  SendOutCards allows customers to create beautiful custom cards. You can easily place photos, logos and graphics on and in the card. You can also include a personal message in the card, even using your own handwriting. With our new customer brand manager, you can even brand the back panel with your logo for added brand recognition.

In a recent video, Kody Bateman, founder and CEO of SendOutCards, featured an extremely effective multi-touch campaign by one of our customers. This example also demonstrates the 80-20 rule in effect.  While the customer is in car sales, you can see how this can be easily adapted to any business type.

Want more information on SendOutCards and how a multi-touch campaign can boost your marketing and sales? Contact us today at Turnaround Tour ShopPros.  We will be happy to schedule a time to call and answer your questions. You can even take a firsthand look at the SendOutCards system.  Once you try this system, you will see why many are calling SendOutCards the best relationship marketing platform on the market today!

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