“Finch or Hummingbird” Automotive

A purple finch is by no means a hummingbird!

A purple finch is by no means a hummingbird!

A beautiful purple finch was trying desperately to drink from a hummingbird feeder. It was furiously flapping its wings in a vain attempt to maintain an airborne drinking position. Did this purple finch think he was actually a hummingbird? Perhaps he could take lessons from a real hummingbird. Maybe he could sign up for hummingbird school, hire a coach, read a book or listen to some educational recordings. I guess we could ask him the question, “Don’t you know you are not a hummingbird? You are a purple finch!”

There he was perched in a nearby tree looking at the bird feeder. He was watching the hummingbirds come and go, making precision moves and action. They were enjoying their drinks from the feeder while buzzing each other for position.

How often do we as leaders wish to be, and attempt to be, something or somebody we are not? No matter how much we wish, we try, we read, we listen, and we learn, nothing seems to change. We are who and what we are.

If only the purple finch would just realize his strengths, abilities, role, and beauty! He could gather other birds of all makes and models to fulfill what he is lacking. Maybe then he would not waste his time trying to be a hummingbird!

Are you a purple finch or a hummingbird?

  • What are your competencies? (What you can do)
  • What are your motivators? (Why you do what you do)
  • What are your behaviors? (How you do what you do)
  • How do you think and behave?
  • How do you get things done?
  • How do you see yourself?

Food For Thought:

  • The appearance of weariness in the leader creates a weary organization.
  • Never teach a duck to sing. It’s a waste of time and it annoys the duck.

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  • Randy Lucyk

    Great way to start my day!
    Thank You
    Curious, does that make the effort shown below and attached wasted effort, or can we change?

    Randy Lucyk
    Midas, Kalkaska Mi.

    April 3, 2015, 8:41 am permalink
  • Rhett Smith

    What a unique way to get a point across. You sure hit the nail on the head today. Rhett Smith

    April 3, 2015, 8:42 am permalink