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Save the date! Engage your customers at local events.

Even though many of us are still waiting for the warm spring weather to arrive, it is officially spring here in the U.S.  Along with spring and summer will come all types of outdoor activities and events.  Even in a small town like I live in a person can find countless events all season long.  Events like the Great American Soap Box Derby, International Fair, Concerts in the Park, several car shows and many other events go on in our small town all spring, summer and fall. Most of these events are sponsored, and even hosted, by local businesses.

Engage customers through local events

Does your business sponsor or host any local events?  If so, these events are a fantastic opportunity to engage and build relationships with your customers. People love to be “in the know” about local events.  People love the chance to get involved with things that interest them.  People will love being invited to, and hearing about, the events you sponsor and host.

I suggest sending “Save the Date” cards to all your active customers for all the events you sponsor and host.  The first thing it will do is put your name in front of them again, building top of mind awareness.  It will help your customers feel they know you and your company by seeing what you are involved with in the community; and there is an old saying that says all things equal, people prefer to do business with people they know, like and trust.  Finally, it will boost the events success by attracting more people to the event.

Don’t miss an opportunity to engage your customers.  If there is a car show, concert, blood drive, or any other event that your company is involved with this year, be sure to personally invite them.  They will be glad you did.

If sending “Save the Date” cards to your entire database sounds daunting, there is an easy, convenient solution.  SendOutCards can handle “Save the Date” cards, birthday cards, thank you cards, holiday cards and cards for any other purpose quickly, easily and cost effectively.  Within just a few minutes a beautiful “Save the Date” card can be sent to all your customers’ mailboxes right from your computer.

To learn more about this revolutionary, top of the line Relationship Marketing platform, contact us at Turnaround Tour ShopPros today.  We will be glad to schedule a time to answer all your questions and even take you on a tour of the website.  There is an old saying that says: “To know something you must experience it.”  Don’t miss your opportunity to experience SendOutCards today!

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