Why Don’t More People Send Cards With A Personal Note?

Send cards with SOC - it's a great idea!

Send cards with SOC – it’s a great idea!

I have often pondered the question of why more people don’t send cards with a personal note.  I was even asked this by someone the other day.  With study after study showing that when you say “Thank You” to a customer, and not the robotic thank you that you give when someone holds a door for you, that they both spend more money and tell their friends about the exceptional service and products you deliver, thus increasing your profits.  So, why don’t more people send cards with a personal note?

My original thought on this was that there must be one of two reasons.  First, perhaps the person was simply too lazy to take the time to write a note to someone, even if it is to simply thank them for their business.  Second, I figured if they were not lazy, then they must not understand the benefits that can come from sending out even a few personal notes each day.  Maybe they didn’t realize how much it would make them stand out from their competition.  Perhaps they did not realize that the person receiving the card and note would see them as someone who will go the extra mile for them. I assumed they did not realize these notes would create loyal customers, increase referrals, and help build great relationships.  I also figured that most of the people must fall into this second category since the vast majority of business owners and sales professionals I know are anything but lazy.

Why not send cards?

I have since discovered that there are some who indeed fall into the category of not knowing.  However, I also discovered that most don’t send cards with a personal note for one or more of three basic reasons.  First, it can be inconvenient.  Second, it can be costly.  And the third reason is people just simply forget.  I cannot begin to describe my excitement at this revelation.  Why, you ask?  I got excited because of what I know about SendOutCards.  I know SendOutCards solves all three of those problems.

First, SendOutCards makes sending personalized cards with a personal message very convenient.  No more going to the store, no more finding stamps, no more licking envelopes, no more long periods of time spent hand writing everything. With SendOutCards you simply log into a secure account on our website. From there, you can choose from one of over 15,000 readymade greeting cards or create your own one of a kind card.  You can then go to the inside of the greeting card, type in your own personal message, which we can even do in your handwriting.  You can also upload pictures and images into the card.  From there, you can attach a gift or gift card if you wish.  Finally, with a few more clicks of the mouse, you can send that card to one or more recipients.  Finally, hit the magical “Send Cards” button and SendOutCards will print, stuff, stamp, address, verify and mail your card, and gift, through the postal mail. All this happens within 24 hours of hitting that “Send Cards” button. We sold the second problem of cost because we can do all this for about $1 per card.  And, as if that was not enough, we solve the third problem too. SendOutCards has a unique reminder system that will help you remember all those birthdays, anniversaries and other important dates.

In short, SendOutCards is fun, convenient, cost effective, and we don’t let you forget.  The world of greeting cards and gift giving has joined the “Brick & Mortar to Click & Order Revolution” through SendOutCards.  I urge you to contact me today.  I’ll be more than happy to set you up with a free account, provide you with a few cards to send along with postage so you can “test drive” the system first hand.  I’ll be happy to get any questions you have answered.  Finally, don’t forget to ask me how you can essentially send cards and gifts at no cost by simply sharing this incredible system with others, or as I like to say it, get paid for being nice.  Call today and show your gratitude to someone you care about.