Sweet Spot to PACE

Richard Flint

Richard Flint

Have you ever made a right choice and it turns out to be a hallmark event or happening? I want to share one that happened in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina this past week, August 2-4, 2013. It was the Annual STARMAKER Conference by Richard Flint his theme was “Achieving Balance in Your Life”. Each time I have the opportunity to listen, read or just rub shoulders with Richard Flint it has been a benefit like no other. This conference was no exception; Richard exposed us to the following material:

Session One: The Choices You Make

The life you have today is the result of the choices you have made. We live in a balancing act; every choice we make creates a path you will travel. Richard always stresses this about making choices; will this strengthen my clarity or add to my confusion? I find this a great barometer to making the choice. He shared this gem; managing pace is clarified with a purpose. Pace is more than speed; it is about moving forward with a sense of purpose, direction and clarity.

He explained there are seven steps to always making the right choice:
1. Create a pace that allows you to have control
2. Have a purpose before you create a plan
3. Open yourself to the fact you will get knocked down
4. Involve people you respect and trust
5. Consistency in your beliefs
6. Extract the lessons from the journey you have made
7. Stay on the journey of living from the inside out

To sum up the first session: always find your Sweet Spot to PACE.

Session Two: Balance and Priority

All choices you make are tied to a priority you have defined for your life.

Session Three: The Process of Achieving Balance in Your Life

Without balance in your life, any forward movement in your life will be only momentary.

Come join us in Tucson, Arizona *August 1-3, 2014 for the STARMAKER 2014 event. For more details and registration contact Denise Smith at denise@richardflint.com. Check out our Showcase Library for more Richard Flint!