Cheetah Leadership

The majestic Asiatic Cheetah. Is your leadership method like a cheetah?The most majestic African cheetah is known for reaching speeds of 70 miles per hour in short bursts. However, it doesn’t do so well over distances. A news report form the BBC reports that four members of a northeast Kenyan village actually outran two cheetahs in a four-mile footrace.

What was the need? What was the mission? Come to find out, there were two large cheetahs feeding on the village goat herd. So the four men came up with a plan to stop them. They waited until the hottest part of the day and gave chase to the cats, tracking them down when the animals couldn’t run any further. The exhausted cheetahs were safely captured and turned over to the Kenya wildlife service for relocation.

Can you see yourself as a cheetah leader?

Your leadership strengths might seem impressive, but are they short lived? Do you run too fast and get weary?

What’s your leadership pace look like?

  • Seventy mile an hour blast of change and disruption
  • Micromanaging all activities
  • Everything goes through you
  • Your staff stands around and watches your work
  • Do you start off in the morning with a great burst of energy, but die out in the heat like the cheetahs?

Are you open to a suggestion? If so read on! I have observed shop owners since 1977. I have seen many “cheetahs” wishing to be calico cats. They lack a leadership process. Let me explain. Yes, leadership can be a process, not a personality or a high energy person running the show. The pace I am talking about is our concept of leadership without breaking a sweat.

Here are FOUR basic tools that work.

  1. SMS – Staff Mentoring Sessions…find out more in Shop Tip for 8.28.15
  2. SPS – Staff Potential Sessions…find out more in Shop Tip for 9.4.15
  3. SBS – Staff Behavior Sessions…find out more in Shop Tip for 9.11.15
  4. STS – Staff Training Session…find out more in Shop Tip for 9.18.15

I invite you to stay tuned up with our Shop Tips each week. Take care and have a great week!

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