Your shop inspects vehicles regularly. Find out how YOUR business is doing “Under the Hood”.

A 30-minute phone call could make your auto repair shop $50,000!


Play this video walk through as you fill out the form!


The purpose of this inspection is to find out what is working and needs repair in your business operations. Please take your time and evaluate each item (this is not a test, it’s an inspection), then you can start diagnosing and repairing your business to make it healthy.

Business Performance Inspection (BPI)

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1. Can you write a check for the following amounts? Will it clear the bank?
100K *
50K *
25K *
2. Do you have sufficient working capital? *
If so, how much?
3. Do you have sufficient reserve funds? *
If so, how much?
4. Are your federal taxes current? *
If not, how much do you owe?
5. Are your 941 taxes current? *
If not, how much do you owe?
6. Does your company show a net profit each year? *
If so, how much?
7. Do you have a written budget? *
8. Do you know the Gross Profit percentage for your labor and parts sales? *
If so, what is it?
9. Do you use Quickbooks or other accounting software? *
Who does your accounting? *
10. Do you know how money can leak out through your balance sheet? *
11. Do you know how your P&L can lie to you? *
12. Are your credit cards balance free? *
If not, how much?
13. Do you own or lease your building? *
Amount due on the building
14. Do you have a written How to Manual containing your SOPs? *
15. Do you utilize phone and sales scripts? *
16. Do you have a Vehicle Inspection Process to find additional work that is needed? *
17. Does your company have a YES culture? *
18. Does your company have Speed of Service Process? *
19. Do you have a written Oil Change Pathway to follow? *
20. Do you have a written Broke Car Pathway to follow? *
21. Do you utilize direct mail for advertising? *
If yes, whom?
22. Do you have business huddles on the hour? *
23. Do you have a Board Process to enhance production? *
24. Do you have a weekly session with your staff? *
25. Do you have a weekly mentoring session with each of your staff members? *
26. Do you have a weekly systems training session with your staff? *
27. Do you have coaching sessions for unacceptable behavior issues? *
28. Do you have a continuous recruiting process in place? *
29. If you could wave a magic wand and make your business better, what would you do…
First? *
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