Automotive Shops Gain a New Resource in Hybrid Vehicle Technology

Gary Gunn, AAM“By partnering with AR&D the Turnaround Tour ShopPros will show shops how to incorporate Hybrid repair into their business model, how to make a profit while keeping the cost low for the customer – essentially doing what the dealer cannot”.

Port Angeles, WA – The current economy has, if nothing else, created an environment where automotive repair facilities have felt a need to revamp their businesses models which includes expanding their service offerings. Reinvention and restructuring business models are the specialties of The Turnaround Tour ShopPros, a company formed as a resource to shop owners who need guidance to create or maintain a successful business. Through face-to-face meetings, live webinars, and access to interactive media, The Turnaround tour is sharing experience and providing the knowledge required to move shops into the future. With more than 57 Hybrid vehicles available for purchase in the consumer market, The Turnaround Tour ShopPros has recognized that the future of repair includes Hybrid technology. Partnering with Automotive Research and Design (AR&D) will enable The Turnaround Tour ShopPros to provide its clientele with high-quality Hybrid resources.

As part of the partnership with the Turnaround Tour ShopPros, AR&D will be providing webinars and hands-on resources to shops who understand the importance of moving forward with Hybrid and Electric Vehicle (HEV) Technology in the automotive aftermarket. By partnering with AR&D the Turnaround Tour ShopPros will show shops how to incorporate HEV repair and testing services into their business model, how to make a profit while keeping the cost low for the customer – essentially doing what the dealer cannot. Not only will AR&D provide resources, but will also provide a gateway to the resources provided by partners such as The Hybrid Shop (THS).

THS is the exclusive distributor of AR&D’s battery reconditioning and electric transmission diagnostic equipment in the aftermarket repair industry, and provides valuable support to shops who enter into a franchise partnership. By becoming a THS Dealer, a shop can receive levels of support from THS including technical training on Hybrid vehicle systems, management training, national marketing support, and other potential benefits such as exclusivity within a specified service area. This franchise model plays well into the mission of the Turnaround Tour ShopPros, whose ultimate goal is to support automotive repair professionals as they move into a prosperous future.

“Our job is to keep them on the cutting edge of the market”, says Gary Gunn, one of the founders of the Turnaround Tour ShopPros, “We help educate shops on upcoming trends in the shifting market”. Gunn believes that a partnership with AR&D will allow the Turnaround Tour ShopPros to provide shops with the tools to maintain or increase their car count and service repertoire as Hybrid vehicles become more prevalent in the market.

AR&D and The Hybrid Shop are supporting the Turnaround Tour ShopPros’s ShopPros Charter Group Experience, June 19-22 with a hands-on Hybrid segment on June 20th. AR&D will also be presenting the Turnaround Tour ShopPros’s upcoming webinars on Hybrid vehicles on May 16th and May 30th . Prospective hands-on and webinar participants can sign up by requesting link email to

Founded in 1987, AR&D is one of the leading automotive aftermarket technology firms in the field supporting of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Systems with specialized diagnostic equipment and technical training. AR&D utilizes their wide range of partnerships, including but not limited to The Hybrid Shop, SAE International, Colleges, and The Turnaround Tour ShopPros to provide a full scope of products and services to the automotive aftermarket. Information about AR&D can be found at

Since 1979, Gary Gunn has been helping shop owners achieve better lives. Over the course of his automotive training career, he has facilitated hundreds of automotive business classes, 20-Group meetings, and training events. His credentials include: Bachelor of Business Administration from Lamar University, AAM designation (Accredited Automotive Manager from the Automotive Management Institute), CEO and President of Automotive Service Leaders. Gary and his team have dedicated their focus to helping shop owners maximize their return on investment in business training. Find out more about our services at

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