“How do I find the best people, and keep them?”

Hiring the right staff makes an auto repair shop run smoothly.Hiring is probably the most jugular decision any entrepreneur makes. Get it right and your shop is going to run smoothly, while your bank account grows. Get it wrong? You’ll spend days, weeks, then months (not to mention money) figuring out how to change a bad attitude, get them up to speed, or how you’re going to fire them.

The cost of hiring the wrong employee is estimated to be 300 to 500 times their hourly wage. This is somewhere around 20 percent of their annual salary. How do you sidestep this landmine? How can you ensure seamless, painless staffing transitions?

Turnaround Tour ShopPros’s People / Auto Staffing Process for Hiring and Recruiting

What is People / Auto Staffing Process? It’s the only 100% turnkey hiring system exclusively for the automotive repair industry. Therefore, it eliminates the guesswork when hiring.

Developed by human resources experts and automotive industry professionals, our People / Auto Staffing Process is summarized in four steps:

  1. Prepare. Determine staffing requirements; Draft job descriptions that comply with current EEOC policies; Implement budgetary, pay, and compensation plans; Learn the best ways to advertise and recruit. Some of our methods will surprise you!
  2. Attract. Define, develop, and refine your interview steps and scoring system; Secure appropriate background checks; Use our exclusive “Tri-DNA” assessments and apps to sift out the candidates that fit your qualifications.
  3. Hire. Utilize a full roster of tools and techniques that reveal more than a candidate’s ‘interview face’; Learn the exact science behind selecting a ‘good’ candidate vs. the candidate.
  4. Retain: Clarify your strategy for ongoing training, mentoring, and evaluation. This will fulfill your shop’s current needs and anticipate future needs.

People / Auto Staffing Process provides a clear, complete hiring plan. It will equip you to make sound decisions that will cost much less than making a hiring mistake. Call 1-844-888-4443 today to get started!