Never Give Up!

Hang in there! Never give up!Never give up. Perhaps you have thought about giving up, closing your doors, selling your tools, and walking away. You may have believed this is not worth the fight. If you ever thought this way, congratulation is in order. Give yourself a hand. Pat yourself on the back, look in the mirror and smile very large. Hold that position for five minutes. Remember, failure is an option. Giving up is an option. Let me share with you a story I read the other day about never giving up.

Learn to never give up!

Joop Zoetemelk is known worldwide as the Netherlands’ most successful cyclist. Joop earned that distinction because he never gave up. He started and finished the Tour de France 16 times. He placed second an incredible five times before winning in 1980. That is perseverance, my friends!

Many auto repair business leaders reach success by climbing a special ladder. This ladder is called “never give up.” Each rung you step up gets you closer to the top. Joop’s ladder had sixteen rungs. How many rungs does your business’ ladder have? There are many auto repair shop owners who have lost the opportunity to achieve success because they gave up too soon.

Climbing your perseverance ladder is the key to success!

  • First rung: Deciding
  • Second rung: Commitment
  • Third rung: Never look down
  • Fourth rung: Focus on next
  • Fifth rung: Take others with you
  • Sixth rung: Cast away those who don’t want to climb
  • Seventh rung: Block out the naysayers
  • Eighth rung: Endure the pain to reap the gain
  • Ninth rung: Faithfully finish the climb
  • Tenth rung: Enjoy the view!

Climbing mantra:
Hear – Explore – Discover – Believe – Apply – Execute

This “never give up” desire will serve you well in every area of life: business, family, education, friends, work, play, hobby, mentoring, coaching, health. Finish the climb – it’s worth the steps.

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