Advertising Marketing Magic Bullets

Is your silver bullet for advertising success just ahead?

In his book The Hidden Brain, science writer Shankar Vedantam describes the day he went for a leisurely swim. The water was calm and clear, and he felt strong and proud for covering a long distance so easily. He decided to swim out of the bay and into open water. But when he tried to return he couldn’t make any progress. He has been deceived by the current. The ease of swimming had not been due to his strength but to the movement of the water.

So where are the customers hiding? Perhaps our hidden brain could help find them. You know they are out there. You know they need your services. So where are they hiding? And how do we reach them?

You wouldn’t invest in a new piece of equipment without understanding how it works, and more importantly, how it helps your business. Advertising and marketing are just as essential to your business health as a new shop sign or a piece of equipment. They are investments, not expenses.

Are you maximizing your advertising dollars?

With a few key strategies, anyone can shoot their magic bullets and maximize their advertising dollars. Do you know where your customers are? Take our five-question Advertising Marketing Business Performance Survey!

  1. Do you utilize direct mail for advertising? ___Yes ___No
  2. Do you have a website? ___Yes ___No
  3. Do you use coupons for attracting customers? ___Yes ___No
  4. Do you use email advertising? ___Yes ___No
  5. Do you make phone calls to customers and invite them back in? ___Yes ___No

I was talking to a shop owner the other day and he told me that direct mail does not work. He said he tried it twice with low results. Through the years working with direct mail as a customer generation tool, I’ve learned that you must lock into direct forever. It does not work if you do it twice and quit. We had a conversation about making an investment in direct mail just like buying a sign or a new piece of equipment. Would you take out a loan to buy it? Perhaps charge it on your credit card? You would pay for it over time just likes other investments. Your direct mail investment needs to work the same way. Your mindset should be investment, not expense.

Advertising = Telling; Marketing = Identifying; Consistency = Payoff

As Shankar experienced swimming was made easy as long as he was swimming with the proper water movement. Your advertising marketing magic bullets will work the same way.  Watch out for the open water with the wrong currents.

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