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A Note from Gary

Tides happen in all sizes and shapes, even at Turnaround Tour. Our website has taken on the new look and feel of ShopPros. ShopPros purchased Turnaround Tour in August 2016. When you visit the website now, there are enhancements that are occurring such as: Honor Circle is now ShopPros Charter, Lifeline is now ShopPros Subscriber, and TAT Bundle is now ShopPros Accelerator. Shop Tips will also have a complete facelift very soon. The tide is rising!

About Turnaround Tour ShopPros

In 1977, Gary Gunn began his career in the automotive repair business; by 1979, he had started his own business selling lifts, alignment equipment, and hard equipment to automotive repair businesses in Houston, Texas. For the next few years, Gary called on automotive repair shops and listened to their stories; the ones that gripped him the most were the shops that were not making any money.

Something just didn’t seem right—these people worked hard, so why weren’t they making money?

As an accomplished businessman committed to the auto repair shop industry, Gary had a vision of taking his knowledge from both worlds to help these shops define and reach their professional goals. After co-authoring Roadmap to Success and holding conferences for shop owners in the Houston area, Gary was on his way to helping people learn how to make money in this business.

It was during these years that the essence of Turnaround Tour ShopPros began to emerge —gathering shop owners, offering practical solutions, formalizing the coaching process to tackle shop-specific concerns — helping individuals own their shops instead of the other way around.

Today, Turnaround Tour ShopPros has helped thousands succeed in the auto shop repair business using tools and proven methods that are adaptable to any client’s budget, schedule, or preference, including print resources, in-person consults, and online learning; but they don’t just stop there. Part of their own success story is that they stay on top of trends, filter through the muck, and deliver a series of workable solutions that are implementable in the short-term and profitable in the long-term.

You — and your shop — are worth more than you think. Let us show you why.

About Gary Gunn, COO and CEO

Since 1979, Gary Gunn has been helping shop owners achieve better lives. Over the course of his automotive training career, he has facilitated hundreds of automotive business classes, 20-Group meetings, and training events. His credentials include:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration from Lamar University
  • AAM designation (Accredited Automotive Manager from the Automotive Management Institute)
  • CEO and President of Automotive Service Leaders

Gary and his team have dedicated their focus to helping shop owners maximize their return on investment in business training.

After working with Gary, clients experience advancement in key areas of their business: customer relations, task completion, optimized operations, leadership, and management. Click here to learn more about what their clients are saying.