6 Great Card Sending Opportunities to Boost Your Relationship Marketing Efforts

Climbing the relationship marketing ladder!

Climbing the relationship marketing ladder!

I spend a lot of time speaking with people about their relationship marketing strategies. More specifically, we discuss their card sending strategies. I find many people miss out on key opportunities to connect and celebrate the people in their contact list.

Relationship Marketing Explained

First, let us distinguish between “traditional” marketing and Relationship Marketing.  Traditional marketing, no matter what platform (print, TV, radio, social media, etc.) looks to entice people to do business with us.  It usually involves discounts, deals or an attractive offer.  Relationship Marketing, conversely, is driven by three core principles. It involves relationships first and marketing second. Experts suggest adopting an 80/20 rule: 80% of time focused on the relationship and 20% on marketing. Second, it is about building your brand with friendship, celebration and service. Finally, it is about mastering the bridge between high tech and personal touch.

Now, back to the topic of card sending opportunities. Most see the opportunity of various holidays for sending contacts a card.  Most see a chance to simply say Thank You, especially when it comes to customers.  Many see the chance a person’s birthday provides.  However, there are other, equally important opportunities to send contacts cards with a personal message.

I read a recent article by Kody Bateman, founder and CEO of SendOutCards. He points out three additional opportunities many of us miss to send a card with a personal message.  These opportunities include recognition, gratitude and lifestyle celebrations. Kody writes, “Recognition includes any occasion to share our recognition of another’s accomplishments.”  Kody says of gratitude, “Gratitude includes acting on ones promptings to reach out and share how much you appreciate someone.”  Finally, Kody says, “Lifestyle Celebrations include any opportunity to share lifestyle interests that you have with others.”

Along with these six opportunities, Kody reminds us relationship marketing means living out a mantra. “We don’t wait until people are dead and in the casket to say nice things about them. We celebrate life now.”

SendOutCards is the premier service and product bridging high tech and personal touch. As my friend Jordan Adler recently wrote, “We have sent 120 Million Cards and have the only social media site in existence that allows you to share, save, search, collect and SEND! We really are the #1 premier RELATIONSHIP MARKETING COMPANY on the planet.”  To learn more about the revolutionary system SendOutCards, contact us at Turnaround Tour ShopPros.  We’re happy to schedule a time to show you more and test drive the system.  We really are changing the world…one card at a time.

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